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When designing a game we always concentrate on the practical application in the workplace. Participants can instantly test the theory during a game, and see that it works. Our trainings are customized to the team’s needs. And depending on those needs, we can either focus on knowledge, practical tools or integration.

Management by objectives

Cooperation and trust

Team leadership

Strategically Thinking Leader – e-learning

Since 2004 Discover Team has been making my team stronger”.
Andrzej Odzioba – Sales Director – Żywiec Zdrój S.A.

Strategic thinking

Effective team

Smart integration

Soft skill qualification for project manager


Team coaching

Everyone watched the “Dead poets society”, where Welton Academy students have to follow four rules: tradition, horor, discipline and excellence. These noble rules when applied to soulless school become instruments of control. But students are lucky, they get an eccentric English professor played by Robin Williams. He has a clear vision of what education should be and what is a good teacher’s role. He uses various methods to bring joy to learning process, make his students think, engage them creatively, inspire and motivate them so that they become confident and integrated.
At one point he literally makes them stand on the tables to realize how a different perspective can influence the way the view the world.

Every time when we’re being asked to help in strenghtening a team we try to create various perspectives  for team members of looking at themselves. This way we can understand what the team needs, what emotions and skills can build it and motivate it.
Sometimes we decide on a game which can reveal a problem. Other times we turn the attention away from the problem and build cooperation and trust.

Thanks to this training you will:

  • Solve problems that block cooperation in your team;
  • Perfect coordination;
  • Bring up energy and engagement levels;
  • Prepare your team for big challenges.