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While helping others develop, we grow ourselves.
We only offer solutions that worked for us.
None of us needs to prove anything by flooding you with information.
We always have fun training you, and we love when you enjoy it with us.


How we can help You?

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Our team

How we can help You?

Leave it all to us, we can help you on every step of the organization of your event.
We can suggest a hotel and organize transportation, entertainment, a photographer, etc.

We design games.
Serious, educational, team building games – we’ve been doing it for years. Some of them were tailor cut for our clients. We can design a game specially for your team.

We conduct games fitted to the theme of your conference.
Games that give weight to your theme, and let your participants learn it in action.

We can do it in English.
If a part or your whole team doesn’t speak polish – there’s no problem. Our trainers are fluent in English.

We can strengthen your team at any angle.
We organize substantive trainings as well as smart integration. We provide consultation in long term team development. Our meetings can hold from 5 to 200 participants.