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When designing a game we always concentrate on the practical application in the workplace. Participants can instantly test the theory during a game, and see that it works. Our trainings are customized to the team’s needs. And depending on those needs, we can either focus on knowledge, practical tools or integration.

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Design thinking

Source: Wikipedia

Design thinking

Until the 1880 basic transportation means between England and the United States were sailboats. In order to cut the costs, shipyards were constantly improving the rigging. Ships started getting ridiculous amounts of masts: three, five, seven. Until “Thomas W.Lawson”  was created, in which this technology was taken too far. This ship was impossible to manoeuver and it crashed at the coast of England.
Simultaneously engineers were working on a completely new approach. And an innovation was created – steamships. It was a solution which broke all the rules. It turned out that further development of sea transportation requires a whole new approach. The idea to use a steam engine allowed its development on a scale never imagined before.
Once again, a breakthrough innovation conquered the marketplace.

It’s a common scenario that a company full of passion, engagement and creativity after a few years of success, becomes “mature”. Bureaucracy takes over and innovativeness evaporates  because all actions and information are to defend the status quo. 
IBM, by strictly sticking to a “we have to create big systems” rule overlooked the birth of personal computer and lost the market battle. In such a situation the main managerial problem is the paradox: on one hand the need to control the operations, on the other the need to create innovative solutions. The answer to this is the design thinking – a systematic methodology of solving problems.

In order for a company to develop basing on innovation, it’s managers should think and act like designers. In order to do that, you need to acquire three design thinking skills, i.e. empathy, inventiveness, and learning. Thanks to empathy we can understand not only rational, but also emotional need of our customers. Thanks to inventiveness manager becomes a creator who creates something that wasn’t before. It’s very important to stop being realistic, because as Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Thanks to learning and experimenting an idea turns into a product.

Thanks to our training you will:

  • Learn effective methods of creating innovative solutions;
  • Learn a new managerial style – a manager who thinks like a designer;
  • Learn how to balance logic and emotion in problem solving;
  • Be encouraged to create and experiment.